Add to cart buy now text on the product page on the mobile page

I want to make the Add to cart and buy now text in Turkish on single product pages and mobile pages. but this is not changing. who can help me. It appears on mobile login now. just need editing for mobile

see picture


Please use the Loco Translate plugin to translate the theme. Text “Buy Now” is in the theme’s langue file

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hi. i printed it with custom css. but…

The shipping size price is wrong on the front end of the cart and I want this article in Turkish, how can I do that?
I am giving an example, while the free shipping limit is 499 in woccomerce settings, if there is 220 money here, it says free shipping. The mistake is both this and the foreign language. I could not find this article with loco translate. how can we solve this. Can we remove it if I can’t solve it? Let’s remove it from the cart front end or it will calculate correctly.


and yıth woccomerce support says;

What you comment is 100% related to your theme, and not to our plugin, sorry. We recommend contacting their support, they can surely help you better than us.

How we can solve this problem. Help me! Please.


You can translate text in local translation. There is an option to turn this off if you don’t want to use it.
Video tutorial:

hi. thank you video for. ( Using a translation plugin makes me very sad. Converting from files was better). !!!
yes I watched the video. The important thing here is, for example, how do we set the target of reaching a shipping fee of two thousand dollars. so let’s calculate the shipping price we want there. I want free shipping when it reaches $499. we need to set this up.

What can I do to have free shipping at a price we want? it doesn’t calculate the free shipping amount in my wocomerce settings


You can set free shipping here:

hi . i do this but it miscalculates.

After searching for 2 days, I found the article in wc card php. but it can’t calculate my free shipping price. correctly

hello … .solved now thank you