Addthis social share code


Have a question regarding the social share code using
It is possible to make my own button on addthis and change the code or I must use the one that is already on the theme?
There is no much information on the docs regarding this topic. Also now I can see TB SHARE option but I don’t know what that means because it doesn’t appear on the documentation



Hi @servido,

You can refer to this video, :

If you have any problems please let us know.

Thanks for watching, Have a good day <3


I saw the video and its from 2018 and that is not working for me, also the information is not updated, the actual menu looks like this

I dont know what is TB Share.

Also I add the code on the Add This button but nothing show on the product page. I can make my own button on addthis web and use the code on urna?



hi @servido,

Please send the ticker here:

Our Support Team will help you.