Ajax dropdown menu


Hello everybody,

I would like to make the mobile menu dropdown feature. Currently you need to click on the arrow to switch to next menu if you click the name of the menu, it will go to the page while you have subcategory included.

I need to get the dropdown menu on all categorie that contains a sub categorie how we can make this ? Do i need to put another plugin menu ? Also what is the option in general " Ajax dropdown menu" how it works ?



You can use this CSS to fix it, instead of clicking on a category will show subcategories instead of going to that category page
.mm-listitem .mm-btn_next:not(.mm-btn_fullwidth) { width: 100%; }

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Hello dear,

You are the best :slight_smile: it is working nearly as i want.

Do you think you can include the same option that we have on puca theme “Tree View Menu” It would be fanstastic also on urna ? or find a way to have it on urna.

Once we click on a menu that contain a submenu it open the submenu treeview mode and once we open another menu, it close the other menu opened in order to keep the menu clear and not too long.


Unfortunately, that is the default function of the Urna theme, you can use Elementor Pro to build your own Header mobile, then Elementor Pro will also support the Treeview Menu function.