Ajax loading compatibility

hey guys, buying the theme tonight
just had a couple of questions,
1- on Cena theme demo you had a playstore published demo, is that a PWA publishing ? and is it achievable in Urna
2- I’ve noticed that the site refreshes quite ofter (for example when you add something to the cart), is there like an ajax loading plugin/component that can help with that?
3- how does the theme behave with dokan multi-seller single product module
4- any ETA for the dark varient ?

with regards

Hello @a7medo778,

Sorry for the answer delay.

  1. PWA, ETA => I don’t understand what you mean

  2. This issue you should send a ticket to us => https://tickets.thembay.com/

  3. Sorry, the current theme is not compatible with Dokan

1- going into https://preview.thembay.com/cena/ into the mobile you will notice a playstore URL, how was the website published in the store ?
2- ok
3- quoting from themeforst change log “Compatible with Dokan,WC Marketplace and WCFM Marketplace”
4- ?


#1. We use the following website: https://appsgeyser.com/

#2. There is confusion. There is no such part of Cena’s changelog => https://docs.thembay.com/cena/#changelog

#4. ETA => I don’t understand what you mean