Besa bug on mini cart and cart/checkout page not load

Hello, I have 2 problems.

I’m using the theme besa.

First, when I try to add the “Besa Mini Cart” in my header, it simply does not load the cart function, it is a gray icon, with no editing options and when I save and load the page nothing appears. If I load the “mini woocomerce cart” it appears normally.

Second problem: I defined 2 pages of, they are cart, and checkout. However, when I click on them to access them via a button within the website or even through the direct URL they simply reload my website’s home page, and I have already deleted and created these pages again but it is no use.

Does anyone have a tutorial to solve these problems?

Thanks in advance.


For the first issue, you can send us a ticket to check. We need login information.

#2 Please check to see if you have selected them here

Hi I have the same problem and it seems just occur one day ago

Currently, I test on our demo with the latest theme version still working normally. So it is difficult to know where the cause is. Please send information about your website to us via our tickets so we can check in more detail.