Besa-child translating

I purchased and installed the Besa theme.
Then I installed Besa-chile and turned it on.

I want to translate the template,
I installed Loco Translate
I go into Loco Translate -> Themes
And I see 2 themes (Besa and Besa-child)
I clicked Basa and then New language
I chose the language, but I translate things there, the site doesn’t change at all.

I entered Besa-child and clicked New language
But I only see 5 words that appear there …

how do you fix?

I wanted to add photos, but a new user can only add one photo

Please send the ticker here:

Our Support Team will help you.

hello friend, could you solve the problem? I have the same, I would appreciate your help.

Not all words are translatable in the theme, they may also come from related plugins, so if you can’t find that word in the theme, you can find it in the plugin.