Besa Product Filter and Product Variable Selection not working


Can anyone help me?!!
I’m having real problems getting to Besa Theme to function properly.

Firstly, the price on the product variations does not change when you select each variation (so it always shows the price of the first and lowest priced variation). Here’s an example page:

Secondly, I’m really struggling to create an adequate shop page. Like the one in the Besa Demo.
I have resorted to creating one myself in Elementor:
But two big problems:
a) The filter at the top of the products simply does not work.
b) When I define it as the ‘Shop’ page, it all just gets overwritten to look something like this:
I’ve no idea where this is being generated from. I’ve clicked through every single option throughout the Theme, Woocommerce, and Wordpress.

I’ve opened up several tickets last week, and none of them have received a response so far.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Regarding these problems, we have received your ticket and have responded.