Besa Theme Recommendation

I purchased BESA Theme, I want to say to the developers about to improve the following features. Please consider as a request.

  1. Mobile footer Button rearrange or remove or adding option so that we can manage mobile footers option.

  2. Mobile cart icon should not redirect to cart page. It must show a page without loading. Suppose, you adding product but want to have a look on cart. So clicking cart redirecting is time wasting. Instead it must shows cart sidebar which will be from right to left.

  3. Calculating should be automated after increasing or decreasing the qty of the product. But currently update button is annoying.

  4. We must need to having opportunity to reorganising product card elements. Suppose, i do not want to show review in product card, so i need option to disable. Suppose i need to change the location of add to card button, so i must have opportunity to do that.