Can we make quantity view home page as default home page and show it across all the shop pages?

Hey. I want to enable customer to input the quantity at the home page or any other shop page. How to make it default.

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Thanks a lot @Danh_Nguyen_Nguy_n . But this is not what i was looking for. If you go to urna demo here and hover at home you will see a quantity mode, clicking on which will redirect you to this : . I want to make this mode default for whole website so that a customer could select the quantity from home page or category page or any other page and directly add it to cart without being redirected to a product page. If you could help me out in this it would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

Hey @Danh_Nguyen_Nguy_n,

I´m really keen about this theme, but I´m looking for the same functionally as @Apoorv_Bansal is looking for. This is very important for making the purchase decision.

Thanks so much.

Hey @Danh_Nguyen_Nguy_n,

I´ve found this video on Youtube with a link with full instructions on your page but this instructions doesn’t exist.

Can you help us please?

Please watch this video tutorial
Currently that function we only use when selecting layout 15

Thanks so much for your reply @xuantit.

So… does this mean that this functionallity adds the product to the cart via AJAX on home page and product archive (shop) as well as this doesn’t redirect to the product page? Also, does this apply for all your themes?

would be nice to have this clear. Thanks in advance.

Yes, this doesn’t redirect to the product page. It is integrated for all Urna skins, but apart from the layout v15, other layouts don’t look good.