Edit Product Style

Hello, how can i edit product style, i want to remove rating and quantity…

And do some improvements in style of product card.


  1. Product style => You will need to edit it with Custom CSS

  2. remove rating: You can configure it here:

  1. Quantity: You can configure it here:

Perfect, I understood everything, thank you very much for the explanation.

As for the quantity, I don’t want to limit the quantity ordered, but I would like the quantity not to be shown on the homepage, I want to make it more clean, if the customer wants to buy more than one, he double-clicks, the quantity is interesting only on the cart or on the product page.

I’m trying to get my page to have a pagespeed above 90, so I’m reducing the DOM size.

By the way, Elementor launched the Container element, I already changed the homepage, changed all sessions to containers, greatly reduced the size of the DOM, and made the page faster.