"Eliminate render-blocking resources" for Mobile


There was an issue of “Render-blocking resources” for the entire website and it was resolved by WP rocket plugin by enabling 2 options on the plugin:

  1. Load javascript deferred.

  2. Delay javascript execution.

Enabling this option improved the performance of the website from 83 to 90 for the desktop version on Google page insights.

But for mobile, the score remains between 25-30, and the Google page insights suggest to “Eliminate render-blocking resources”. which was already done.

Please let me know what can be done to “Eliminate render-blocking resources” for the mobile version?

I am attaching the screenshots on Google page insights.

Here are the links for the same:

https://nimb.ws/ZnMYJ9 (desktop version)

https://nimb.ws/QbR8pq (Mobile version)

https://nimb.ws/zIWuTH(Mobile version suggestions)

This would be a great help to improve the site speed. Also if the support can answer this.

Thanks in advance!