How to show a multiple custom tab

Hi there in the backend we can create a many custom tab see here


But in the theme option, I can see only one tab we can assign how can we assign multiple tabs

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Please use the plugin

I know there is a third party plugin can do the job.
But you have already build this function in your theme just you need to add the extra option for adding multiple tab

using too many plugins will take effect to the site performance
Please Make a the like one man army and i wish to have more sale in feature by Improving and increasing the theme features. Like Avada theme in

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@Rafilathif That’s what we want

Thanks for your reply
So please integrate these function which normally has all the theme in the market. in your next updates or any as per your Road map

  1. Make the possibility to add multiple tabs
  2. Cookies notice
  3. Possible to add the Tracking Code / Space before head / Space before body
  4. Customizable site width as per the site owner choice
  5. Possible to change any headers to any template. It’s more freedom to make the attraction
  6. Possibility to set the Favicon

I’m ready to share my Avada latest theme code file for you if you wish. for your next development reference for user-friendly

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