Is Greenmart support multivendors plugins?

Hi I ant to buy GreenMat Wordpress Theme But one of my friends who bought this Product had many problems with WCFM multi vendor plugin for instance when you have one product with multi store Greenmart showed repeatedly products in carousel !
I wonder that problem solved in new updates or not?

Hello saeed_gh,

Unfortunately, the Greenmart theme does not currently support the WCFM multi-vendor plugin.

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Oh it’s so sad :frowning: do you have any plan to get that ?
actually I bought Greenmart and i have just this problem (Multiple Same Product from multi store!) could you help me please?

heelp me please this is important to me


In the next week. We will release WCFM multi-vendor support very soon. Please wait.

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hi is this support WCFM now?

Yes it is compatible with WCFM