Mobile Menu Issue



I cannot seem to understand how you have put together the mobile menu. I just recently (Feb 22) downloaded this theme to use as a quick remedy to a site issue and it would seem a lot may well be URL based and I cannot see where that is unless I edit theme files. For example, I believe the logos in the mobile menu are yours which is called from a URL rather than in the uploads. No matter what I do I have a menu I do not want at all.

I go into Elementor, click Edit Header, click on Mobile viewport, once its resized, the Mobile Menu logo comes up with a menu I did not create. But no matter what I do I cannot see this menu and/or where to edit it. Your notes mention a Diza Options, again, which mine theme did not have. I did download this as a paid item too, just to be clear. It is through one of my packages with Envato, so its legit.

Please just tell me quickly how to get rid of the branding and menu that is the pre-built mobile menu so I can get on with it. I appreciate it.


I don’t really understand your problem. Do you want to change the default mobile header of theme?