Mobile view Shop column

Hello, I recently installed Urna theme on my wordpress site and I love the the admin dashboard and the theme in general.
The only Issue I have with it is that I am unable to change the number of columns on the shop page for mobile view. I would like to increase it to 3 instead of the defualt which is 2.
Thank you.


Currently, we only have 2 options 1 or 2 products per row. because the space on the mobile device is too small to be divided into 3 columns. However, you can edit it by adding this CSS to Urna Option

.display-products:not(.products-list) .row[data-mobile=“2”]>div {
-webkit-box-flex: 33.33333%;
-moz-box-flex: 33.33333%;
-webkit-flex: 33.33333%;
-ms-flex: 33.33333%;
flex: 33.33333%;
max-width: 33.33333%;

Thank you very much.

One more thing. How can I reduce the product name on desktop.

There is an option for mobile not to display the full product name but it’s not available for desktop, how can I do that on desktop. I don’t really like the way it’s displaying the name of the product in full, some products have a long name and it makes the design look some how.

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