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Hey guys,

Not sure if you can help me…
I’ve decided to include a quick access menu for the homepage that allows the visitors/shoppers to jump to particular sections of the homepage. In order for it to be practical I have to make it stick to the header. I currently have the Besa header visible.

I’ve added the css that enables scrolling and in elementor I have made the section stick to top when it reaches there. It works fine on computer mobile view but not on my phone.

Maybe there’s something I can add to the css?


selector ul{
white-space: nowrap;
overflow-x: auto;
overflow-y: hidden;
flex-wrap: inherit !important;
scrollbar-width: none;

selector a{
background: #408130;
border-radius: px;

selector ul::-webkit-scrollbar {
display: none; }

On phone:


I’ve made the offset effect to 45px to allow it to sit under the header.


I don’t see it working on desktop.


What I mean is when I’m in the Elementor back+end editing. It works there when I use responsive settings to see the effects on mobile view. It works there but on an actual mobile device, it doesn’t.


Please send the ticker here: https://tickets.thembay.com/

Our Support Team will help you.