Some big fonts size are taking too long


Hi there I have got some suggestion from recently I purchase their plugin and I ask them to support to get some suggestion which is taking too long my home page loading time according to them they advise me like this screenshot Many URNA theme user they advised to contact the theme developers to replace or reduce the Linearicons.ttf?fwm0z2 icon font.

The same way they advise me to do. I’m here to ask if I get any help regarding this

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Yes my friend I have the same issue, and as I can see the theme developers they don’t respond. I hate linearicons file I get 1,6sec load time only because of that!!! Please if you find any solution share it with me!

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Hi, having the same issue with fonts, dont know how to optimize them



We will create a Child Theme to optimize the font.

Will post download link here.

Please wait


Hi, when will this optimization be ready?


Nothing yet? I think this fix is really necessary



We are still planning to update the version to fix this bug. Please wait for more.


This issue was open on Dec 2020, its really necessary to make this fix because is the performance is getting really affected, I’m sincerely start looking for other themes because of the performance and the speed to fix problems


No news about this? Its a necessary fix!!
Please provide a date for the fix



Please we need a fix for this, cant understand why a font should be 486kb! Can the developer replace the font?

Aug 31 the developer said that a fix will come from this, we are on Dec 06 and nothing???
The font must be fixed or replaced

Dec 16, no fix yet, still waiting, a year have passed since this problem was reported


Sorry, we can’t edit these files. The current best practice if you use a cache plugin, include them in the load delay section, it will be removed temporarily during the initial load time of the website.


Not happy with the answer, because a solution was promised.

Any way, now it seems that the font is been loading two times, what could be the problem?