The new update is hiding the menu

I updated the New version of theme Normally the theme Nav Category Menu Not hiding when clicking anywhere in the home page But now it’s Hiding I checked in the Demo site also same This is the Demo site

Here is the Screen Record

It was the best option and my site slider set according to the Menu. Please get back this

Best regards


#1. We will consider the above problem in the next versions.

#2. If you need immediate assistance, please send a ticket to us.

Thanks for your support Always grat

I can wait for your update. I hope The same need other users also who is not notice this update

I have small Query Since I use your theme I neve found any Big problem And you support also Very nice

I like to use the same theme to my other domain with your Permission since one-year purchase date 2019-12-11 Renewed the support every 6 months also

If you allow me to use them to another domain I can use it freely with your permission or if you wish to purchase another licence let me know I can go with that. I’m expecting the Discount if possible

Best regards


Thank you for always believing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

#1. We always try to fix any possible theme problems

#2. One license per each customized end product => You will therefore need to purchase a new license

NOTE: This theme is scheduled for a 50% discount period from 24/11/2020 to 02/12/2020 => So you can wait for a promotion

I’m a little bit not happy with the support now. It’s not like before. I have an experience that if any error that the themebay admin record the screen all the work what he did and share it to me what fixes did

If I ask any support especially thembay_admin will take the challenge and fix any type of the issue but since I create two support the thembay supporter not replay instead just like escaping. It’s not by thembay_admin it from other supporter

For example contact with other developers, Or do this fix this something like that instead of fixing by himself supporter.

I’m Worry to purchase a new one because I’m facing a problem usage of variation switch plugin pro which is already integrated but unfortunately this is not showing properly on my site

As I said before I want to use the same theme into another domain. I want to purchase a new licence as you said I’m ready to spend that money. I’m trying to create a new one but using that plugin is showing some bugs CSS related issue

I contact the support he said to remove some CSS code but I’m no expert to do that however

If you see the product page and shop page using that plugin, not like demo page see the image

The attribute alignment not properly showing

Will you help me to fix this

Today I got a notification about the updates
But the hiding menu still not resolve

Kindly Update this issue on the theme

Kindly update this form When I can expect the new update fixed the hiding the menu when Click

Best regards Rafilathif