Urna login/register form customization


hello urna team
iam about to purchase urna theme for my business and the developer told me that i cant edit urna login/register form … i want to customize urna login/register form to be like this form below… can you please tell me how can I do this step by step… I am not a programmer I need a clear explanation it will be the point of my purchase decision

thank you


Hi @Dr.mohamed_Sa3ed,

Please send the ticker here: https://tickets.thembay.com/

Our Support Team will help you.


Hi @Dr.mohamed_Sa3ed,

Thank you for your interest in our topic,

Currently, Urna does not have the function to edit the subscription to your liking.

There are 2 options as follows:

  1. You find a 3rd party plugin with such functionality. Install and configure it, if there is a problem, I will assist
  2. Contact our support team. They will advise you, then you can decide to buy or not