Woocommerce Cart/Checkout section a bit messy

Hi Everyone,

how can I fix the position of the different type of shipment in the Shopping Cart section to so to get me nice and tidy like how they appear in the checkout section.
Now in my “Cart Section” the labels and selection boxes are weirdly aligned to the right + all spacing and paddings are quite messed up while in the checkout section everything works (but the box with cart total is on the left).
I guess, keeping the box on the right) it should be enough put them below “Shipping” and align them on the left but I cannot fix the css

Cart (bad one): https://www.hk.pepperuko.com/cart/
checkout (good one) https://www.hk.pepperuko.com/checkout/

Thanks for your help

Please send the ticker here: https://tickets.thembay.com/

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